The stairway to heaven
by Klasse 7D1
Year 7 spent an extraordinary outdoor day at the skywalk nature adventure park in Scheidegg.

On Friday, 2 October 2020, grade 7 of Schule Schloss Salem went to the Allgäu region to go hiking and climb the treetop path near Scheidegg together. Early in the morning, with some delay, the students, together with their class teachers Mrs. Schlick, Mr. Wimmer and Mrs. Regehl, boarded the bus, which took them to the waterfalls below Scheidegg in just under two hours. There, everyone was able to take a break on the playground or eat the picnic they had brought themselves. Afterwards, everyone hiked slightly uphill, although not everyone knew the way.

Mr Wimmer almost led the group to a bull pasture, if a woman passing by hadn't pointed out to him that it was irresponsible to continue walking there. The alternative route passed a few houses and a wooded area, but led along the pasture where the bull could also be seen. After one and a half hours the students arrived at the skywalk, a small leisure park with a treetop path. There, everyone first had an hour's free time to explore the park, climb the steps to the viewing path, get close to the sky and then possibly get back down to the ground via the tube slide. At the end of the visit, the students formed teams of two, in which one of them always led his partner "blind" through a barefoot path.

The class teachers thought that this should be a task to build mutual trust. In the end everyone ran to the bus, hoping for the best seat.

On the one hand, the day was a fun experience and on the other hand, the students experienced a lot about the importance of nature and mutual trust.