The Fire Brigade Service at 75 – Fundraising for a New Fire Truck
Salem’s fire brigade celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2022. To mark the occasion we hope, with your support, to acquire a new fire engine with portable pump.

Founded in 1947, the oldest of Salem’s emergency aid services has a long history to look back upon. Ever since it became an accredited private volunteer fire brigade in the school year 1952-53, generations of students have been involved in real firefighting and rescue incidents on and near the school’s campuses. Since 2007 the main brigade has been augmented by a youth fire brigade, enabling pupils from Grade 9 onwards to complete their basic training. Alongside the practical and theoretical training, they absorb values such as community, cooperation, mutual respect, and readiness to help. The brigade’s motto is “Comradeship and team spirit: you are not alone“.

Both in their training and in actual missions, students have had the constant support of a fire engine pumper (German: Tragkraftspritzenfahrzeug, or TSF) since 1986. Now after 36 years the time has come to replace it. Our current TSF requires intensive maintenance, frequently breaks down, and is no longer able to meet current-day needs.

One of the heads of Salem’s fire brigade, Johannes Schweizer, has summarized the importance of a TSF as follows: “A well-equipped and modern vehicle is an elementary component of the school’s fire brigade equipment and essential to safely preparing our youth in their basic training and for the challenges and future missions of the fire brigade.“

For that reason, we hope to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the fire brigade service by acquiring a new TSF. Then it will be possible to offer future generations of students training as firefighters and ignite their enthusiasm for the fire brigade service – please join in!

Donations can now be made conveniently online: www.schule-schloss-salem.de/donation-fire-engine

Janina Tritschler and Gesa Meyer-Wiefhausen