Spring Ball: Discofox and Viennese Waltz Again at Last
by Felicia-Isabel Karl, Abi 1
During the May Ball dancers demonstrated their newly learned dance skills on the dance floor and all guests enjoyed the exuberant party mood.

After a long two years when most parties and celebrations were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the school’s traditional May Ball was finally held on April 29, 2022, in the Spetzgart Dining Hall. Naturally, there was high excitement not only among students in Grade 11, but also among the soon-to-graduate 12th graders and members of Salem Kolleg. First, the dining hall had to be turned into a dance floor and decked out with flowers and atmospheric strings of lighting with the much-appreciated support of the building custodians and other volunteers.  Afterwards there remained only a short time to dress up in a chic ball gown or an elegant suit.

Champagne Reception and Opening Viennese Waltz

The late springtime evening event began at 7:30 p.m. with an open-air champagne reception in front of the Altbau. And there was lots of jostling to get photos taken for the picture gallery organised by the student photography service. At last, the ball was officially opened with a classical Viennese Waltz, which 20 couples had intensively practiced over the previous weeks. Right from the start the live band PremiumStyle treated us to great music. In between sets of discofox and cha-cha-cha, the kitchen provided us sustenance with delicious snacks and refreshing beverages.

A particular highlight was the choreography by teachers and mentors who, to the students’ great delight, performed a version of the Taylor Swift song “Shake It Off”. The exuberant party night filled with wild dancing and much laughter continued until midnight, after which many fell asleep happily despite their sore feet. However, such a large party is only possible with lots of planning and hard work. Already weeks in advance the new party committee (Paulina, Aleksandra, Simon, Aaron and Felicia-Isabel) worked closely with Mrs Claudia Schwarz, whose advice and tips from past events were a great help. Everyone is looking forward to the future parties that the new team is already dreaming up.