Speech on the election of the head student
by Meltem Cicek, 9D2
All candidates who apply for the office of school representative give a speech in the school assembly. Here is Meltem Cicek's speech.

Dear Salem teachers, dear Salem students,

Soon we will be holding our election for school spokesperson. Surely you have already asked yourself during the Bundestag elections which politician or party you would have voted for.
While free elections are one of the cornerstones of democracy here in Germany, this high good is not a matter of course in some countries of the world. The democratic right to influence politics in this way is the result of long and difficult political struggles.

Our right to elect our representatives of the people, secured by Article 20 of the Grundgesetz is an incredible privilege.

If we look at some countries in the world, we will see that there are numerous totalitarian and autocratic regimes or dictatorships, such as Syria, Iran, Myanmar or North Korea, in which the respective rulers do not care about the democratic rights of their people. Human rights, civil liberties and the right to vote are undermined in favour of the respective rulers. In these so-called "unfree states" it is not possible to participate in free and independent elections.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because voting means taking responsibility! Because by voting you help to determine who governs and you can actively influence politics! Because politics today decides on many issues of tomorrow and influences our future.
This can also be adapted here to our upcoming school representative election.

The Head Student is a member of all committees with pupil participation and the highest representative of the school both internally and externally.
The Head Student acts as a link between the school administration and the student body and should represent the interests of all students in our school. Our suggestions, requests and complaints should be heard and this role should be filled by a trustworthy candidate.

Your vote will determine who will represent your interests and, more importantly, the interests of our community. It is not whether the candidate is popular, but what that person stands for.

A good leader quickly understands that it takes attitude to overcome hurdles in everyday life - through openness to the world, consideration, self-discipline, appreciation of diversity and hands-on commitment to others.

Our future school spokesperson should be able to reflect accordingly in thought and action, with a dash of self-confidence and self-reliance. The willingness to represent a consciously taken position towards third parties with backbone and at the same time responsibly. However, life in community can only succeed if the individual can also come into his or her own and be heard - just as it corresponds to our mission statement of Salem.

We are looking for a personality of integrity with an open, positive and socially integrating character.

Now ask yourself:
- Who has the potential to be a school spokesperson?
- Who is most likely to master this demanding and challenging office?
- Who can best represent me and my school?
- Who can stand up for me and our interests?
- Who can we confide in when there are problems?
- Who is not afraid of conflict and has diplomatic sensitivity?
- Who among the candidates (applicants) has the necessary qualities?
- Who harmonises well with me/us and is equally committed to all?
- Do I choose someone based on popularity or what do I focus on when choosing?

Therefore YOU can't go wrong, you know best what is good for you and our community, our Schule Schloss Salem.
In this sense: A good leader should make a great difference!