Panel Discussion: Salem Students Speak with Young Politicians
Five days before Germany’s national elections representatives of the political youth organisations in the Bodenseekreis responded to questions from our students.

For whom or what should I cast my vote? This was the question facing many students at Salem International College who were about to be first-time voters. That was reason enough for the Politics Club, a task group of students under the supervision of Helmuth Müller, to organise a panel discussion with representatives of the regional youth organisations associated with the political parties in our electoral district. They were asked to respond to specific questions regarding the 2021 federal elections.

Students of the Abitur year groups 1 and 2, as well as Year 10, gathered in the Härlen auditorium, where they made use of the internet chat function of Microsoft Teams to send the politicians their questions. Over 50 parents and other guests could also follow the event per livestream.

Diversity of opinion and willingness to learn are core features of our school. Therefore, we were especially pleased to welcome young representatives from all the parties that have seats in the German Bundestag. Our guests were: Thomas Maier (Junge Union/Christian Democratic Union of Germany), Leon Hahn (Jungsozialist:innen/Social Democratic Party of Germany), Simon Schultes (Junge Alternative/Alternative for Germany), Tizio Pfänder (Grüne Jugend/The Greens), Marco Jedzig (Junge Liberale/Free Democratic Party) und Sander Frank (Linksjugend/The Left). Salem students Hannes Dewender (Abi1) and Anne Kohlhaas (Abi2) moderated the discussions, which focussed on four thematic blocks: environment, economy, society, and the formation of a government coalition. Heated debates ensued especially around the issues of climate protection and the expansion of equal opportunity in Germany. 

As one of the moderators, I found the event not only exciting and informative, but also filled with many laughs and entertaining moments. The Politics Club team was very pleased about the great response among the students and wishes to thank all participants and helpers for their support.

Anne Kohlhaas, Abi2