Outdoor Excursions: Out of School, Into Adventure
From archery to glacier crossings: Years 5 to 10 undertook many different outdoor activities.

On the first day of our Outdoor Week we went to the archery range. But the rain gottoo heavy, so we headed back to the Rentamt. After lunch we had a treasure hunt. That meant finding lots of places and buildings around the castle grounds and completing a task at each station. We had a lot of fun doing it. On the second day westarted with a quiz about the Stone Age and then visited the Pile Dwellings (Pfahlbauten) Museum in Uhldingen. There we got to see many different kinds of tools and learn about how and when fire was first used. Afterwards we hiked to the home of our teacher, Mrs. Anke Laur, and cooked twist bread, steak and hotdogs over a campfire. On the last day we travelled to the Adventure Park in Immenstaad. All in all it was a great Outdoor Week.

Milton Wong, 5a

Year 6 set out from Spetzgart Castle for our Outdoor Days. From there we hiked to Ludwigshafen. As soon as we arrived we pitched our tents at the camping site along the shore of Lake Constance. Over the next two days we took canoe trips on the lake. It was pretty strenuous, be we were all very happy!

Xaver Müller-Provence, 6b

Our Outdoor Weekend was a lot of fun, but also a very exhausting experience. On a Saturday at the end of September we were divided into four groups and let off the bus at four different stops. Our hikes to the camping site along the lake in Illmensee took between two and three hours. As soon as we reached the camp, we set up our tents. Each group cooked their own dinner on gas cookers. Some had a few problems, but in the end everyone enjoyed a plate of spaghetti with pesto. In the evening we took turns jumping on the trampoline and roasted marshmallows over a campfire. After breakfast the next morning we took down our tents and headed back to Salem Castle, which we reached after about seven hours of hiking.

Melodi Restle, 8D2

Year 10 of Abitur system travelled to the Morteratsch Glacier in the Bündner Alps in eastern Switzerland from 20–21 September. On Friday we set off at 8 o’clock in the morning and reached the destination of our excursion, the foot of Muottas Muragl, after about four hours. There we were divided into two groups. The first group took the funicular railway to the top of the mountain Muottas Muragl and hiked along the climate or the panorama trail to Alp Languard. This took between three and four hours. Then the group took the chairlift down to Pontresina. The other group first went to the camping site and set off on a hike through the Morteratsch Valley. In the evening we all met up again to pitch our tents and cook dinner over the campfire. The next day our programmes were switched, so that we all hiked both trails. After lunch on Saturday we took down our tents and headed back to Salem at about 2:30 in theafternoon.

Hanna Teichler, 10D4