On Strengths, Success and Goals in Life
At a two-day workshop Year 9s devoted themselves to finding out what interests them most and getting better acquainted through team games.

I was quite curious to learn what the “Strengths Analysis” that was planned for us in September 2020 was all about. I wanted to know what I’m good at and whether finding that out would help me express my career goals more specifically. The workshop leader was Dr. Günter Klause, one of Schule Schloss Salem’s Career Counsellors, and Tim Seefeld, a free-lance career coach.

Strengths Analysis is about recognizing one’s own abilities, putting them to good use, or learning more about them. It is about asking how you can help other people and where other people can help you. The first day was devoted to finding out more about our expectations for our lives and asking ourselves what experiences, books, films or people have made us into the people we are today. What are our most important values, and what does one need to be successful? What exactly do we mean by success?

On the second day we focussed on our strengths and interests and asked ourselves how these could be put into practice. In addition, we each asked ourselves where we want to be in 10 or 20 years. And we spent lots of time on practical exercises and games that could only be accomplished in a team. They were designed to show us that each and every one of us has a role to play – and that different kinds of personalities are needed.

I believe that we all learned something about ourselves. In my specific case this didn’t lead to a concrete career goal, but one test showed me that I would be well-suited to working with people or in a management position. Moreover I found out that I will never become a doctor.

Fee Schreiter, 9D1