After Each Day’s Lessons Salem Has a Lot to Offer
by Moritz Zaiser, 6D1, and Emily Buck, 5D1
Two students, in Year 5 and Year 6, describe their afternoon extracurricular activities.

This is what a normal day look like for us: after lessons have finished, we go to lunch in the dining hall, where we find out what sports will be offered that day. These include, for example, badminton or training sessions for the “Torlauf” in Salem Castle, where we have to run from the castle’s Upper Gate to the Lower Gate and back again. And often we play Dodgeball, Zombie Ball or Jail Ball. Students who do not feel like playing badminton or special ball game can also play table tennis. Afternoon activities usually start about 3.30 pm or later, so until then we have a little bit of free time.

In our free time the boys in Year 6 like to play with Gravitrax, a marble run system, which we put on our Christmas wish list and received from the Friends of Salem association. Otherwise we ride scooters and play with each other outdoors. The girls like to get together to talk and sometimes take walks outdoors. After our afternoon activities many of us go to afternoon snack-time (Vesper), and others take a shower. Our study hour for doing our homework begins at 4.30 pm and lasts 90 minutes. Anyone who finishes early can read a book, do artwork or surf the Internet. Afterwards we go to dinner and then we have a half-hour to use our smartphones or call our parents. After that we can watch a film that we chose by voting in our commons room, the Rentamtstube. Then we get ready for bed. At 8.30 pm we all have to be in our own rooms, but we can talk with our roommates, read a book or write in a diary. At 9 pm it is lights out for the night.

Maria Legner, Year 6D1, captured our afternoon activities in a video:

Moritz Zaiser, 6D1, and Emily Buck, 5D1