Make Our Festschrift a Special Christmas Gift
by Bernd Westermeyer, Gesamtleiter der Schule Schloss Salem
With the present of this over 460-page Festschrift commemorating the 100th anniversary of Schule Schloss Salem you will give someone great pleasure on Christmas Eve.

Dear Readers,

As Christmas approaches, so does the end of our jubilee year, to which we had long been looking forward and which we had all imagined differently. What we are happy about, despite the cancellation of all celebration events, is that Schule Schloss Salem has proven to be a reliable educational institution of exceptional quality during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Three other phases of upheaval, which were also mastered by the students and staff, are the subject of the commemorative volume published by Kohlhammer in April 2020. The 464-page publication also contains essays, memoirs by students and alumni, and over 250 photographs.

Please consider giving this special book to yourself or to another Salemer. It is available at a price of 49 Euro both via our school (email: 100-jahre-salem@schule-schloss-salem.de) and from local bookstores or at (smile.)amazon.de (ISBN 978-3-17-038006-6).

With very kind regards from Salem

Bernd Westermeyer

Headmaster of Schule Schloss Salem