IB Exams: Schule Schloss Salem Achieves Outstanding Results
This year’s International Baccalaureate results are outstanding with an average of 35 points and a 98 percent pass rate.

The results of our IB cohort of May 2021 are among the best in Salem’s IB history, which reaches back to the early 1990s. IB Coordinator Dr. Constanze Schummer put these achievements into context: “The IBO’s (International Baccalaureate Organization) assurance to take into account how students have been impacted by the pandemic has perhaps a little bit to do with that. But even given that, these scores are well above the world-wide average. The bigger factor was that our community of students kept going all the time, never gave up and never let each other down. Their resilience showed in the strong nerves they took into the exams themselves, at a stage of the pandemic when sudden closure was still a possibility. Our students came through this challenge with flying colours, ready to take their confidence and joy out into the world!“

Here are Salem’s IB results:

Full diploma candidates registered for IB exam: 44

Diploma recipients: 43

Pass Rate: 97.72 % (world-wide average 89 %)

Average number of points achieved: 35 (world-wide average: 33)

Average points per subject (7 is the maximum): 5.61 (world-wide average: 5.19)

Students with the highest result of 44 points: 3

Students with 42 points or more (corresponding to an Abitur grade of 1.0): 7

Students with 39 points or more: 11

We heartily congratulate our IB cohort of May 2021!

“For a lot of us, today is about celebrating our achievements in the last two years of the IB. But for many of us, today is also about celebrating our growth here in Salem. Not only the exams and tests, but also the projects and activities that were completed during the last years – these are the reasons for tonight’s celebration. A celebration that is well-deserved.“

Angela Gall, IB2 Speaker, at the formal IB Dinner in May 2021

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