Global Action Network: Poems and Collages about Mental Health
Many students submitted work to an art competition on this important issue. Their creations are on exhibition at the Spetzgart dining hall.

We members of the Global Action Network service (GAN) concern ourselves especially with problems of a global nature. During our working meetings we focus on numerous international topics in the fields of culture, society, economy and politics. This year we have also spent considerable time on matters related  to mental health. We decided that more attention should be given to this issue, because mental health is of constant concern to us all and can have a strong effect on our lives. Particularly in these complicated times creating awareness of mental health topics is becoming more and more important.

That is why the GAN service recently organised an art competition open to the entire school community. We were very pleased that so many people participated. Ten students submitted their work. Their pieces included many different genre, ranging from collage to photography to painting. The works offered many different and fascinating interpretations of a variety of aspects of mental health. Each in its own way provided inspiration. They have been hung in the Spetzgart dining hall, where in the coming weeks they will surround us, serving as a constant reminder of this important issue. In recent days students were asked to vote for their favourite artwork.

The winner was Julie Frieling:


Paula Bromkamp, Abi1