Finally back in the Salem community
At Schule Schloss Salem almost all students in years 5 to 12 have been back on board again since 14 June 2020, and after more than three months of largely digital coexistence, the boarding school and school are finally filled with life again.

Thanks to small teaching groups and the school's room programme, all classes can be taught together and regularly, while observing the necessary rules of distance and hygiene, and the children and young people entrusted to Salem do not have to forego any essential offers and activities.

The students as well as the entire teaching staff are relieved and happy to be able to look ahead confidently and prepare for the time after Corona.

The security concept for our three locations

An essential part of the admission procedure when arriving at our three locations is a visit to the KraQu (Medical station). There, all students undergo a health check and, if there is any suspicion, they are also tested for Covid-19.

During the following two weeks, all members of the boarding school and school community must strictly adhere to the school's rules of distance, hygiene and conduct.

Students and staff are aware that this now proven preventive concept protects against infection. If there are no cases of illness 14 days after returning home, we can assume that a so-called cohort quarantine has been carried out. After consultation with the public health department, the obligation to wear masks can then be lifted, which means that many community activities can once again be carried out without any problems.

Our students are looking forward to a nice and eventful final spurt of the school year!

Silke Stahl, Communications