Festschrift for Salem’s 100th Anniversary Now Available
Twenty-four authors trace the history of Schule Schloss Salem in a richly illustrated Festschrift. The number of copies is limited.

100 years after the founding of Schule Schloss Salem by Prince Max of Baden and Kurt Hahn a richly illustrated Festschrift has been issued in April 2020. It does not attempt to provide a seamless history of Salem. Instead the twenty-four authors cast light on the fabled boarding school community by focussing upon selected events, developments and illustrious individuals. Social and pedagogical challenges as well as competing sets of values become just as impressively evident as the continuity and contradictions found in the implementation of the continually developing ideas on how to conduct classroom instruction and organise daily life in the boarding school.

Order your copy of this limited edition today (hardcover, 49,- euros plus postage) by choosing from two options: either send an email along with your name, address and quantity ordered. Or place an order with your preferred bookstore citing the ISBN 978-3-17-038006-6.

Sandra Meyer