Digital Information Presentation: Visiting Schule Schloss Salem from the Living Room Sofa
by Dr. Stephanie Nau, Head of Admissions
Pleased by the high demand for our digital information events, we have also begun to offer general sessions and special presentations in English.

At Schule Schloss Salem the idea of giving information presentations digitally began to blossom even before the coronavirus pandemic. In contrast to the current trend of using a platform such as Zoom, it was envisioned that the Salem events take on the form of a webinar and thus have a more professional character. The visual and very personalised presentation of our pedagogical concept and the course of everyday life at Salem are set out clearly in the foreground. The software we use allows for the transmission of large amounts of data with no problem, thus facilitating the use of photos, videos, and downloads along with the presentation during the information session. The families who take part in the event do not have to be logged in with a camera or a microphone but can see and hear the presenters in Salem’s Department of Admissions. This is a comfortable way to acquire a lively impression of what Schule Schloss Salem has to offer from the comfort of one’s own living room and without further obligation. At the same time, it is possible to ask questions and receive live answers through the chatroom.

The response to our digital presentations has been extraordinarily positive. Along with the general introduction of Schule Schloss Salem in German or English, we have begun in the meantime to offer presentations on special topics such as “Aufbaugymnasium 10PLUS“ or everyday life in the “Rentamt“, our dormitory building for Years 5 and 6, which is of interest to children still in primary school. Salem’s webinars can rightfully be seen as a unique feature within the German educational market. And you can look forward to further digital events which are still in development!

It is therefore always worth checking in on our school website and we are grateful for the numerous referrals being made. All of our current topics and event dates can be found here.

Dr. Stephanie Nau, Head of Admissions