A slightly different concert for prize winners
by Ariane Hellenbach, Music Service Captain Abi1
The winners of the 2nd Salem Online Music Competition attended a Sipplingen town hall concert together.

Instead of putting on a concert themselves and showing off their own skills, the prize winners of this year's online music competition visited a concert in Sipplingen's town hall on July 2, 2022. There, the musician couple Cornelia (piano) and Roland Gassl (viola) presented a varied program with pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, but also lesser known composers. The winners of the school's internal music competition from Salem, the College and the Kolleg were accompanied to the interesting concert by the organization team of the online competition.

Before each piece, the musicians introduced the pieces briefly. Some were by Rebecca Clarke, a relatively unknown but very talented composer. Particularly soulful and surrounded by myth is an old seafaring song from South America. It is about a man who can cut the air. The "Cinco canciones negras" was partly very exciting, partly very soulful and impressively performed by the duet.

After the concert we had the opportunity to ask questions to the two musicians and had the unique chance to learn something about their daily work or to get tips for practicing. Dingding, a 12-year-old flautist, describes the evening as very impressive. He appreciates the opportunity to end the enchanting musical evening with a personal conversation with the two world-famous musicians. Like him, the others are already looking forward to upcoming music competitions and hopefully another concert within the school soon.