Air filters and a new mobile classroom
by Silke Stahl, Communications
Since the autumn holidays, all classrooms at Schule Schloss Salem have been equipped with high performance air filter units.

Air filter

"The health of our students and staff remains our top priority. Accordingly, Schule Schloss Salem has purchased air purification systems for all classrooms over the autumn holidays," says Bernd Westermeyer, headmaster of the school.

The new mobile units effectively reduce the concentration of any aerosols in the classrooms, as even the smallest particles can be filtered out thanks to the honeycomb structure of the hepa filters used. 

Naturally, the regular ventilation of the classrooms is maintained despite the air filter systems. To ensure that the students and teachers do not catch colds from the regular airing in autumn and winter, they can choose between a warm fleece jacket or quilted waistcoat.

Mobile classroom

At Schloss Spetzgart, a container-based mobile classroom has been supplementing the existing classrooms for several days. Bernd Westermeyer: "The mobile classroom was rented in order to equalise learning groups and to be able to maintain all the prescribed distances in the upper school as well". The new room offers the best learning conditions: Projectors and document scanners are integrated and digital teaching is also possible via appropriate connections. The interior of the learning container is of high quality, even roller shutters and blinds are integrated.


It was not a hard task for the management to release the additional funds for this investment: "The safety of all students and the entire staff is very important to us," says Thomas Obitz, Business Manager at Schule Schloss Salem. "We regard the funds used in the short term as a real investment in the health of the students  entrusted to us from over 40 nations of the world," adds Bernd Westermeyer.