A New Editorial Team for the Salem Alumni Association (Altsalemer)
by Marc Zirlewagen, Susanne Dedecke, Kira Grisch and Nils Grimm
Raising the bar: four journalists from two generations of Salem students will report on events and current topics at Schule Schloss Salem for their fellow alumni.

A continuous delivery of reliable information and news is important for the cohesiveness and the success of all organisations. This is especially true for an association made up of people from all around the world, like Salem’s alumni association, the Altsalemer Vereinigung (ASV). By establishing its own editorial offices at the beginning of 2021, the possibilities for better communication have widened. The team consists of Marc Zirlewagen, Susanne Dedecke, Kira Grisch and Nils Grimm, who represent two generations of Salem alumni. With their diverse backgrounds as well as journalistic and editorial experience, they complement each other ideally and can fill in for each other at any time.

While raising the professional level of the ASV’s media products, initial focus will be first given to the continuation of the “Altsalemer Mitteilungen“ which are sent to all ASV members. The next issue is scheduled for publication before the upcoming (virtual) membership meeting. Under discussion is a revised look that will modernise the magazine. The members of the editorial team are also involved in the relaunch of the association’s website which is currently underway, and in exploring the development of an app for mobile devices. Their goal is to support the ASV board of directors by generating both text and images for communicating with and bringing together the over 3,900 members, and thereby enabling alumni to share information with one another over various channels. The new editorial team also monitors the work of an external service provider, which will maintain the website and be responsible for the design and printing of the “Mitteilungen“. Besides composing their own articles, the editors also hope to motivate alumni who are experts on various subjects to offer contributions dealing with Salem’s history, current life, and future goals. The team is open to suggestions for interesting articles and will be happy to engage in a dialogue about what ASV members would like to see accomplished. E-mail contact: redaktion@altsalemer.de

Marc Zirlewagen, Susanne Dedecke, Kira Grisch and Nils Grimm