Unique in Germany:
Salem's Integrated Language School

Schule Schloss Salem is the only boarding school in Germany with an one-year program for students who enroll with no knowledge of German:


  • In small classes of no more than 6-8 students in Years 5-7 students receive daily instruction in "German as a Foreign Language" (approx. 18 hours per week)
  • Through this intensive course students can soon communicate in German and take part in many facets of boarding school life
  • Along with the other students in their class year, students take part in lessons in the subjects of Mathematics, English, Art, Music and Sport
  • Whenever necessary students receive language lessons in the subjects of Physics, Mathematics or History
    Instruction is given by specially certified teachers who are not only qualified to teach "German as a Foreign Language" but have also acquired intercultural competence with regard to different cultures
  • In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut students take the appropriate certificate examinations in order to reach Level B1 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • After acquiring the Level B1 certificate, language school students take part in regular classroom lessons. Parallel to this they continue to receive attend a weekly four-hour course in "German as a Foreign Language".


The Benefits of the Integrated Language School at Salem

From the first school day onwards language school students are part of a boarding group (Mentorat) of about 10 students, living together with German-speaking students. This offers enormous advantages:

  • Classroom acquisition of the basics of the German language in the morning finds an ideal extension in the afternoon by speaking and listening in everyday situations
  • Pedagogical staff who have experience in  intercultural understanding can encourage the integration and appreciation of foreign cultures.

The integrated language school is thus able to meet the need for internationalization and also ensure that each individual student is able to preserve their national identity.


Simone Maurer

Integrated Language School

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