Much More Than Only a School Diploma:
The Salem Abitur

Naturally grade marks play a decisive role at Schule Schloss Salem, too. But equally important for us, of course, is that each of our students acquires not only academic skills, but also individual and social compentencies.


Evaluation is Based on Semester, Not School-Ages

Agess 11 & 12 at Salem College are divided into four independently evaluated semesters (11.1, 11.2, 12.1 und 12.2).



Courses Rather Than Classes

Due to the course system each students receives an individual schedule.

Point System Rather Than Traditional Grade Marks

Salem's numerical marking scale runs from 0 to 15 points.

Mandatory Section

Mandatory courses are taught for two semesters

  • Five core subjects (à Four Hours Per Week)
  • German, mathematics, one foreign language, a further foreign language or a science, and one elective subject
  • Instruction in at least five additional subjects (à two hours per week)

These may be selected from the following, unless chosen as core subjects:
Social sciences (four semesters History, two semesters Geography, two semesters civics), Art or Music, Religion or Ethics, two sciences (Physics, Chemistry or Biology), Sport

Elective Section

In general elective courses are taken for two semesters.


Seminar Course (in 1st and 2nd semester)
This course covers a range of topics. Under certain conditions the course can be counted as an oral final examination and thereby be one part of the Abitur examinations.


Elective courses
Students select from a range of courses, which may include, for example, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Descriptive Geometry, Geology, Astronomy and Computer Science

Enrollment in IB Courses for Extra Certificates

The following courses, taught in English in the International Baccalaureate Programme, may be selected: Economics, Visual Arts, Theatre Arts and Computer Science

Abitur Examinations

The Abitur examinations consist of a written and an oral section:


Written Examination
Four of the examination subjects must be selected at the beginning of the 2nd semester. They include German, Mathematics, a foreign language, and a fourth subject.


Oral Examination
The oral examination is taken in a further subject which is chosen on the basis on certain criteria and decided upon at the beginning of the 3rd semester.

Abitur Results

School Year 2017 | 2018


Number of candidates registered in the session:  78 
Number of graduates:  74 
Average grade:  2,38 
Number of graduates who obtained grade 1,9 or above: 25 

Average grade in Baden-Württemberg: 2,43


School Year 2016 | 2017


Number of candidates registered in the session:  78 
Number of graduates:  77 
Average grade:  2,21 
Number of graduates who obtained grade 1,9 or above:  30 

Average grade in Baden-Württemberg: 2,39


Torsten Bick

Head of Studies Abitur

Tel.: +49 7553 919-523

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