Salem Services for
Ages 9 & 10

In the age groups 9 & 10 students are required to spend one afternoon per week in a service activity. The following activities are offered:


Emergency First Aid Service

The Middle School's First Aid Service is an official partner of the German Red Cross and has cooperation agreements with the local Red Cross branches in the Salem valley region and in Markdorf.


At the weekly meetings on Tuesday afternoons Agess 9 and 10 acquire knowledge in preparation for the theoretical and practical exams which take place in Ages 11. Skills are fortified through repetition and realistic practice scenarios.


Learning Content
Basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, characteristic images of illnesses and injuries, rescue and transport techniques, systematic patient anamnesis, trauma recognition, measuring blood pressure with a  Riva-Rocci cuff, applying automatic external defibrillators, applying bandages, advanced first aid measures, setting up medical tents as treatment areas, using a German BOS radio, and much more.


Among the tasks of the Middle School's First Aid service are being on stand-by duty at school events, assisting donors at regional blood donation drives, and, when requested, providing reinforcement to the local Red Cross chapters during public events. In addition, students regularly participate in official Red Cross competitions.

Fire Brigade

The school’s fire brigade is Salem’s oldest emergency service. It was founded in 1947 and since 1952 is an officially accredited private fire department. The Salem Middle School’s “Junior Fire Brigade Schule Schloss Salem” became accredited in 2007.

During their two-Ages training, Middle School students learn the fundamentals of fire brigade services. Along with the basic knowledge of fire-fighting operations these include knot tying, familiarity with vehicles and equipment, fire-fighting techniques, rescue techniques, and the basics of radio transmitting.

During the school week members of the Fire Brigade provide support in case of an emergency alarm (search or fire alarm) and provide technical services during the final morning run or at the traditional annual Mud Fight. As a part of their service training students can earn up to three official junior fire-fighter badges.    

Nautical Service

Salem's own boat harbor and the school motor boot serve as a base location for the local chapter of the German Life Saving Association (DLRG) in Sipplingen. Each member of the service group can acquire the following skills and certifications:  the Life Saver Swimming Certificate of the DLRG, and the sailing license for operating sailboats and motorboats on Lake Constance, and general sailing skills. The duties of the Nautical Service include participation in naval cutter regattas, training exercises at the regional level, guard posting during lakeshore events, lifeguard duties at the swimming beach and supervisory duties at the harbor.



Round Square Service

The task of the Round Square Service in the Middle School is to nuture Round Square IDEALS of internationalism, democracy, environmentalism, adventure and service, in particular by promoting international understanding and diversity within the school community. In addition the service members act as hosts to exchange students and raise funds for Round Square developmental service projects and other school projects.



Nature Conservation Service

In keeping with the Round Square IDEALS (with E for Environmentalism) environmental protection and nature conservation are an integral part of the school's pedagogical program. In cooperation with the Salem chapter of the German conservation association BUND, the service helps maintain local biotope areas and also works with the Heinz Sielmann Foundation for promoting environmental awareness . In addition, on-campus projects are undertaken to promote biodiversity and preservation of species in Salem. The service attempts to raise awareness among other students for topics such as sustainability, environmental protection and organic farming.

Social Outreach Services

Salem students provide help with school homework to primary school children, visit kindergartens and teach English through games, help out at schools for the handicapped, offer playgroups and computer courses at a local primary school, and visit residents at a nearby nursing home for senior citizens and handicapped.

Technical Emergency Relief Service (THW)

The Middle School's THW service group is an official chapter of Germany's national Technical Emergency Relief (THW)  and closely cooperates with the Überlingen branch as well as being an official member of the THW Juniors association. It receives material support from the Friends Association of the Salem/Spetzgart THW.


During their THW service students learn the basics of technical relief service. This includes learning how to handle various types of equipment, including saber saws, disc grinders, demolition hammers, hydraulic shears and spreaders, puller hoists, winches, scaffolding systems, and much more. In addition, students acquire knowledge of rescue and recovery techniques with the help of ladder lifts, rope ladders, jack stands, dragging baskets, etc. Basic techniques for using wood, metal and stone complete the program.


The THW service regularly takes part in competitions in preparation  for earning THW badges in bronze and silver.

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