Salem's Service Activities in grades 11 & 12

Every student in grade 11 and 12 must be engaged as an active member of at least one of the following services:


Technical Emergency Relief Service (THW)

In Germany the national Technical Emergency Relief (THW)  organization has 80,000 volunteers who are ready to help in crisis situations. Among that number are students of Schule Schloss Salem. In close cooperation with the Überlingen branch  they receive training as THW junior helpers.


In the course of their training students learn how to handle various types of equipment, including chain saws, hoists, winches, etc.


THW helpers use the skills they have acquired on campus and on special assignments in cooperation with the local chapter of the THW.

Botanical Service

The Botanical Service gives interested students the opportunity to be closely involved with the cultivation of plants and vegetables. In planning and carrying out various gardening projects around the school campus, to plan and experience what effect plants can have on a landscape.  Other projects, such as bee-keeping, can also be pursued.

Participation in this service leads to an increased awareness of sustainability and environmental protection.

Emergency First Aid Service

In the first aid service at Salem College members undergo the official training course of the German Red Cross and perform stand-by first-aid duty at a large number of public events.


Students without previous experience receive a 16-hour basic training course. All members take a 48-hour training course to become First Aid helpers. Members receive Red Cross certificates for both courses.


As stand-by helpers service members are present at school sports events, school parties and major public events, such as at the Whitsun alumni gathering or on the school's graduation day. They also provide support to the local Red Cross, especially during blood donation drives.

Fire Brigade

Members of the on-site fire brigade at Schule Schloss Salem are trained in fire-fighting theory and practice.


During weekly exercises students are introduced to the fundamental activities of a fire brigade. They learn first aid, the stages of fire-fighting , and the basic technique of technical rescue assistance.


Members of the service are on duty at the school's many public events, such as theater performances or musical concerts. Members who are 18-Agess of age can complete the 70-hour entry-level fire-fighter training at the Überlingen Fire Department and then become a member of an emergency-call team within the Überlingen volunteer fire-fighting force.

School Bus Service

The team of school bus drivers provides shuttle services between the school campuses -- when public transportation is not available - so that other students can arrive on time at their afternoon and evening activities.  Equally important are the weekly shuttle trips for the social outreach service groups to the off-campus locations. In a rotation system the school bus drives also offer weekend shuttle trips. During the school Ages the student drivers take part in a driver safety training course, in order to learn how to cope appropriately in dangerous situations.

Global Action Network (GAN)

Global Action Network is a school based group which focuses on international issues, be they cultural, social, economic and political. Its aim is to inform our local community about what is unfolding in the wider, world community through presentations, publication of handouts for distribution in the dining hall, action days with public debates and awareness campaigns.


As the name implies, the services strives to take action, not just talk. For this reason members collect and donate funds to humanitarian projects such as  World AIDS Day on 1 December. The service is also a co-organizer of the annual youth meeting on environmental issues, the Salem International College Youth Conference.


Recycling to Avoid Waste
The Global Action Network takes responsibility for organizing and coordinating the annual recycling of unwanted items from the graduating Ages group, by sorting useful clothing and other items to be donated to charity or sold on to the next Ages group.



Sustainability Service

The Sustainability Service encompasses a wide range of themes, ranging from local environment issues such as energy consumption, to global issues such as global warming.


It is important to promote sustainable behaviour. This includes the development of concrete ideas that will improve the sustainability balance of Salem International College. The service aims to provide simple, but effective ideas that can make life in the boarding school more environmentally friendly.


Salem International College Youth Conference
For a number of Agess the Sustainability Service has organized a youth meeting called Salem International College Youth Conference (SICYC). Conducting this quite complex project involves enormous dedication and close cooperation. Students and teachers from different schools around Europe visit Salem International College for one weekend to learn about, discuss and find solutions to current environmental issues. The program includes talks by guest speakers, debates conducted in small groups, and field trips to nearby sites of interest.


Once a Ages the service organizes a Sustainability Day, a project day for the college community where students participate in different workshops such as urban gardening, sustainable cooking, sustainable consumption, energy saving options.
Other Ages-round hands-on projects  include planting seeds in bee feeding areas in cooperation with the German association for natural landscape conservation,“Netzwerk blühende Landschaften”, building insect houses to enhance biodiversity and collecting deposit bottles in order to finance for further sustainability projects.

Nautical Service

The Nautical Service is one of the four aid and rescue services at Schule Schloss Salem and is specialized in water rescue.


Salem's own boat harbor and the school motor boot serve as a base camp for the local chapter of the German Life Saving Association (DLRG) in Sipplingen. All members of the service group complete a special training course which includes a 16-hour First Aid Training Course, the Life Saver Swimming Certificate of the DLRG and the sailing license for operating sailboats and motorboats on Lake Constance.


Upon completion of the necessary training units, members can service on the rescue boat team. They act as guards at the school harbor on weekends (supervising swimmers and boaters) and support younger members of the service during their training and practice exercises.

Music Service

Musically talented students in the Upper School have the opportunity to hold concerts at various venues and to gather experience in musical event management. The music service program consists of

  • Weekly chamber orchestra rehearsals together with members of Salem Kolleg
  • Concerts at school and in the surrounding region, e.g., charity concerts, musical interludes for public events, or concerts in social service institutions
  • Organization and coordination of school-intern musical competitions
  • Organization and coordination of the ABRSM music examinations



Theater Service

The Theater Service is responsible for the support of all theater projects in the school. This involves all aspects of theatre production, such as lighting, stage building, stage design, costumes, properties, make-up, sound and music, front of house, designing and distributing programs and posters, as well as maintaining and cleaning the stage and storage rooms. In addition to the regular Monday meeting times, students' presence is required for events on many evenings and weekends.



Kaffee Hahn

The Café Hahn Team provides active support in the operation of a fair trade coffee bar in the lobby of Salem International College. They serve drinks and snacks to students and staff throughout the school week during the mid-morning break and after lunch. Each student works at least two shifts and is also required to serve at public events such as evening concerts and theatre productions, many of which occur over the weekend. On these occasions the service members may serve more than 400 customers in a short space of time.


Café Hahn is run as a charitable project and all profits are donated to a variety of good causes. These include the College Theatre, Botanical Service, Sustainability Service, Round Square Service projects such as the Prince Alexander fund, and Peterhof in St. Petersburg, Russia. It also supports institutions such as "JugendRettet," an emergency rescue project for refugees in the Mediterranean, and aid organizations which operate in crisis situations such as natural catastrophes and famine.



Photography Service

One of the Photo Service's main jobs is taking the student photos for Student IDs and for the Photo Gallery on the school's intranet.


Another important function of the service is supporting the Upper School's annual Agesbook, the Chronik; Throughout the Ages photos are taken of students, teachers, staff and mentors in their different individual and group functions and activities. As a major provider of material for the Chronik,  members need to take a professional approach in performing their service activity.
The Service also helps document the school's many theatre productions. Their photos also a major source of material for the IB Theatre Arts program, which requires photos as visual documentation for portfolio projects and written examinations.

Round Square Service

The Round Square Service has two primary goals:

  • Conducting fundraising for the various projects it supports
  • Strengthening the awareness of Round Square within the school community


Students meet on a weekly basis to discuss new ideas, plan and organize events, create displays, write articles, prepare presentations for the school assembly and review what they can do as planning for the future.


Thanks to its fundraising projects, the service is able to pay, for example, the school fees for scholarship students in Nairobi, contribute to the maintenance of a clinic for handicapped people in St. Petersburg, Russia, and support an orphanage  in India. Donation recipients also include the Round Square organization's "Prince Alexander Project Fund" which supports International Round Square Service Projects worldwide.

Examples of fundraising events are:

  • Casino night following the College's Christmas dinner
  • Weekly bake sales after school assembly
  • Sale and delivery of chocolate Santas on Saint Nicholas Day

Social Outreach Services

The Salem Social Outreach Service groups offers students a wide range of opportunities to be of use to the local community.


Like all other services, the Social Outreach Service groups meet once a week. Students make off-campus visits to groups and individuals who need assistance. The choice of activity depends entirely on the individual student's needs and ideas. Activities include, for example, giving after-school homework tutoring and engaging in games and play with primary school pupils.

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