Always Ready to Serve:
We Are Also Here to Help Others.

Learning How To Give Assistance
Taking on responsibility for others is at the core of Salem's educational program. But helping those weaker than one's self or in a crisis situation, requires not only willingness, but also special skills and techniques. Therefore each student undergoes a first-aid training course organized by Salem's Emergency First Aid Service.


Furthermore students acquire the following skills:

  • Practical and technical skills – for example, a first-aider must become competent in applying bandages.
  • Emotional competencies such as dependability, team spirit and endurance

Salem's services belong to the defining precepts of the school's founder, Kurt Hahn, and are based upon five key principles: duty, competence, continuity, sincerity, and openness to the outside world.


Salem Offers the Following Service Activities: 


  • Botanical Service
  • Fire Brigade
  • Photography Service
  • Global Action Network
  • Café Hahn
  • Music Service
  • Environmental Awareness Service
  • Nautical Service
  • Round Square Service
  • Emergency First Aid Service
  • School Bus Service
  • Social Outreach Service
  • Technical Rescue Service (THW)
  • Theater Service
  • Sustainability Service 
  • Lower School Support Service


Further information about the Salem Services of grades 9 & 10 can be found here.


Further information about the Salem Services of grades 11 & 12 can be found here.

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