Uniquely Instructive:
The Model United Nations (MUN)

For many years Salem has offered its students the chance to participate in a unique program of events: the Model United Nations Conference


Preparation and Procedures

The students get to know and understand the complex work of the United Nations through role-playing. Each school represents a UN member country or a UN.
In order to be able to understand the working methods and the structure of UN with its complicated network of organizations, the students work through the highly formalized diplomatic procedures and vocabulary and practice them in role-playing exercises. They also learn how to formulate resolutions.
History, culture, religion, economy, political system and foreign policy: In working groups the students independently research and analyze information about the of the country they are to represent. Their sources are the respective embassies, the internet and the world press, through which the students attentively follow daily political developments.


Conference Excursion

The MUN conference takes place every year in The Hague for a week in January. This conference is intended primarily for the Upper School, while Middle School students attend a similar conference in Genoa.
Taking into account actual UN resolutions, the topics on the MUN agenda are prepared for from the perspective of the country they represent. Students then meet in commissions and plenary sessions before motions are brought to a vote. The conference is held in English.

students seeking to become
active global citizens