Experiencing Democracy Every Day:
Student Self-Governance

A solid pillar of Salem education has always been educating to take on responsibility. Student self-governance (SMV) was always a focal point for our school's founders and is still practiced today among all year groups. Students learn – as appropriate to their age – to take responsibility not only for themselves, but on behalf of the entire community of teachers and students.


A decisive element is the education in democratic processes. By electing fellow students to various offices, each Salem student acts democratically. The highest organs at each level of school are:

  • Parliament (Upper School)
  • Council (Middle School)
  • Council (Lower School)

This is where all decisions are taken which influence student life. The procedures and the tasks and competences of the highest offices (e.g., school speaker and deputies) are set out in the constitutions for each of the three levels of school.

Building Character