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Outdoor Education

Today's experiential education curriculum at Schule Schloss Salem remains inspired by the basic ideas of Kurt Hahn, one of the school's co-founders. We are committed to ensuring that every student takes part in a variety of outdoor activities in the course of his or her time at Salem.


Department Outdoor Education


To this end Outdoor Weeks are held at the Lower School at various different outdoor education centers and focus on integration.

At the Middle School, all the students in Year 9 go on the traditional Outward Bound Expedition, which is at the very heart of Salem's education program. In Norway they travel through the wilderness for 11 days.

At the Upper School, students chose their out points of focus by participating, for example, during the Outdoor Weekend. In order to achieve the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, the school sponsors outdoor expeditions.

The school's Department of Outdoor Education consists of particularly well-qualified  staff members who ensure that the content and, in particular, the safety aspects of experiential pedagogy are appropriately observed.

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Eugen Balzer

Coordination Outdoor Education

Tel.: +49 7553 919-464

Nina Peters

Coordination Outdoor Education

Tel: +49 7553 919-559

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