Motivation. Achievement. Recognition.
The Duke of Edinburgh‘s Award.

This program is specially intended for young people aged 14 to 25 and, in accord with Kurt Hahn's educational principles, encourages social commitment, self-realisation, an adventurous spirit and the development of personal interests. The program is offered throughout the world by schools, groups and homes, and is comprised of the following compenents:

  • service
  • expeditions
  • talents
  • fitness,
  • a personal project (for the Gold level).

It is possible to earn badges at three different levels:

  • bronze
  • silver
  • gold.


The Duke of Edinburgh's Award was first offered at Salem in the year 2000, and since then a very large number of our students have been awarded their Silver Badge while in the Middle School in Salem or their Gold Badge at College. Schule Schloss Salem is the most successful organization to offer this program in Germany.

Plus est en vous!

"It is sinful to force young people into opinions, but it is culpable neglect not to lead them into experiences through which they can discover their hidden strengths". (Kurt Hahn)
Under the motto "Plus est en vous!" (There is more in you than you think!), this international youth achievement program seeks to motivate, guide and support young people in their self-development and to acknowledge their achievements.

This program is an all-round, character-building, "do-it-yourself" building kit, based on individual challenge. It is not meant to be "easy," but operates instead according to the principle: "The more you give, the more you gain".


Eugen Balzer

Coordination Duke of Edinburgh' s Award

Tel.: +49 7553 919-464

Nina Peters

Coordination Duke of Edinburgh' s Award

Tel.: +49 7553 919-559

The Founder of Duke of Edinburgh´s Award:
Prince Philip