Far More Than a Communal Residence.
Our Boarding School.

Schule Schloss Salem is a place with a unique character. Here young people of all ages experience the elements that make for lasting and viable community life. In other words, by living in a group, students become acquainted with life in a multifaceted society.


Educating to Take On Responsibility

Daily life in our boarding school is shaped by rules and practices which have been developed in a democratic process. For each year group there are age-appropriate constitutions. The core values are mutual respect and the readiness to take on responsibility for the benefit of the community. A wide range of elected offices, committees and tasks make up the institutional framework of student self-governance and co-determination.


Life at Boarding School

Students live in dormitory wings - separated by gender - in three- and four-bed rooms. Students in the Upper School share two-bed rooms exclusively. Four to six rooms make up a wing, which is supervised by a Mentor (or, in the Upper School a Tutor) who lives adjacent to the students' wing. Salem's pedagogical dormitory staff live full-time on campus and are, in general, also teachers. Hence, the close interaction between living and learning at Salem is reflected in the dual roles of many staff members.

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Classroom Learning is Not Everything...

By tradition the (obligatory) program of Salem's boarding school includes numerous fields for learning and activity outside of the actual classroom setting.  These include:

  • Social Service Activities
  • Creative Arts and Crafts
  • Skilled Trades
  • Sports (especially team sports)
  • International Student Exchanges
  • Outdoor Education
  • Leisure Activities (particularly in the evenings and at weekends).



Salem offers Room for Faith and Spirituality:

  • Weekly Morning Prayer
  • Services of the entire school community at the beginning of the school year
  • Services in Salem at Christmas, Easter and the end of school year
  • Pastoral Care
  • Room of Silence
  • Confirmation

Place to live.