Schule Schloss Salem.
Building Character by Educating to Take Responsibility

What makes up the "added value" of the Salem boarding school as compared to regular schools? This decisive question can be answered easily. It is the daily interaction of students and teachers from more than 40 countries within the boarding school environment. In a multinational community where different languages, ethnic backgrounds, religions and mentalities are present in everyday life there will be a wide range of challenging encounters.


Those who live in Salem learn to overcome any hurdles that arise - through openness, considerateness, empathy, appreciation of diversity, and active commitment to assisting others. Salem is a place in which young people can consciously experience the significance of virtues in their lives, and receive daily encouragement to integrate them into their thinking and actions. The result is self-confidence and autonomy - underpinned by a distinct sense of justice - along with assertiveness and the willingness to take on responsibility. Participation in active groups and elected positions of leadership, along with an age-appropriate school constitution, help make this possible. Since 1920 these institutions have helped make Salem a small-scale "polis," with its incumbent tensions and conflicts and also all the opportunities for personal development and achieving common goals.


Conscious Learning in a Boarding School Environment

A first-class education is an essential element at the core of Schule Schloss Salem. The focus is not, however, on an accumulation and reproduction of information, but rather on a challenging and exemplary way of learning - preferably through active involvement and personal experience. Salem's students acquire the ability to expand their knowledge independently, learning to judge the plausibility of contradictory sources of information using sound methods.


The quality of these lessons cannot be measured - in Salem, as in all other schools around the world - by the average scores obtained in the Abitur or the IB programs. Decisive is much more the specific educational biography of each individual along with his or her detailed record of development from the day of arrival through to graduation.


Private School and State Accredited High School

As a state-accredited academic high school Schule Schloss Salem is subject to the school laws of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. It is the only school in Germany to offer so-called "international classes" beginning with Ages 8. These help to prepare students to chose between our two tracks after Ages 10: the German-language Abitur or the English-language IB. Lessons in the international classes follow the Baden-Wuerttemberg curriculum and are taught entirely in English.

Over and beyond this, Salem, as a private school, is able to offer a wide and diversified range of instruction that builds on an age-appropriate learning environment and - as an integral part of an academic Network - confidently meets the challenges of an eight-Ages academic high-school curriculum.

Academic Profile

  • Ages 5 - 7 with an integrated German Language Program
    Progression of foreign languages and choice of academic profile:
    Ages 5: English
    Ages 6: Latin or French
    Ages 8 Spanish, French, or Science and Technology (STEM)
  • In Ages 8 choice of either International Classes (e)  with instruction in English or Abitur Classes (d) with instruction in German.
  • German intermediate school diploma, the "Mittlere Reife," at the end of Ages 10
  • In Ages 11 and 12 (Upper School) either the German Abitur or the internationally recognized International Baccalaureate (IB)

Additional Academic Options und Remedial Courses:

Multi-Ages Instruction in Teams (Ages 5-10):

  • long-term multi-stage learning Projects
  • support teaching in learning centers ( 5&6 I 7&8 I 9 I 10)
  • supplemental study groups  to motivate weaker students and support especially high-performing students

Support Groups and Gifted and Talented Education (GATE):
Enrichment program for academically gifted students, with teacher advisors, support courses, and remedial tutoring.
Schule Schloss Salem is a certified School With Special Mindfulness for Chronically Impaired Students (Baden-Württemberg accreditation).

Classics Section und European Gymnasium Diploma:
Option of Classical Greek as an additional foreign language in Ages 10 with the "Graecum," a  state examination, at the end of Ages 11. Acquisition of  Europäisches Gymnasium diploma upon completing examinations in Latinum, Graecum and two  modern foreign language.


STEM (in German: MINT) Science - Technology - Engineering - Mathematics:
Supplemental support for science learning through extra activities (Science Clubs, Robotics Workshop, etc.), field trips, cooperative projects with research institutes, and a broad program of support in mathematics including both motivation for students with skills deficits and support for gifted students.


External Certificates in German, English or French as a Foreign Language:
Goethe-Zertifikat, TELC, Cambridge Certificate, DELF.


Support for Musical Talent:
Accredited examinations  by ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music); music examinations earn points for ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)


The Seven Laws of Salem

First Law

Provide young people the chance to discover themselves and face challenges.


Second Law

Provide young people with the experience of both victory and defeat.


Third law

Teach them to put pursuit of the common good before personal ambition.


fourth law

Make time for silence – make space for comtemplation.


fifth law

Train imagination and the ability to look ahead and plan.


sixth law

Take sports and games seriously, but do not let them dominate.


Seventh law

Liberate the children of the rich and the powerful from the paralyzing awareness of their privilege.


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