A Refreshing Change.
The Weekend Program

At the weekend students take a break from the learning and practical groups. Instead, the whole camp enjoys two days of trips together in the local surroundings.

Saturday: Off to the Affenberg!

On Saturday, after breakfast, a bus takes the children to the popular Affenberg, or Monkey Hill, an open-air monkey sanctuary in nearby Salem. Its main attraction is the free-running Barbary macaques which literally eat right out of visitors' hands. If the weather is good, it will be possible to visit a swimming beach on Lake Constance. After dinner there will be a film evening back at dormitory.

Sunday: A Castle Rally!

On Sunday it's time to explore Salem Castle and its immediate surroundings. After an abundant buffet brunch, the dormitory wings will compete against each other in a multi-stage rally. This gives the children the opportunity to explore more of the boarding school environment with their newly found friends.  The finale to this fun-filled, relaxing weekend is a barbeque evening for the entire summer camp.

Tasting Freedom.
Instilling Team Spirit.