Get together for children and parents!
Final show of the Salem Summer Camp.

The departure weekend offers parents the opportunity to find out what their children have experienced and also to learn more about Schule Schloss Salem in general.

Friday Afternoon
Welcome to Salem.  Mothers and fathers can accompany their children to the practical group activity and see what they have learned and made during the two weeks. Sailors take their parents to the harbor, the woodsmen give a tour of the Saubachtal, and the young artists demostrate their creative streaks.

Common Evening Dinner
The dinner hour is an opportunity for the learning groups -- from the language groups to the miniature university -- to make short presentations of everything they have worked on with the teachers. A short film of the two weeks at camp will round out the program. Afterwards parents can sip on a glass of champagne and speak with the mentors while the children have a party to celebrate their final evening at Salem.

Final Show
The parents are invited to the final spectacular performance at Salem. The Circus and On Stage groups form the main events of the show. Then after these wonderful, eventful two weeks it's time to pack up the suitcases and head for home.

This is our Summer.