Learning & Experiencing:
The Activities at Salem Summer Camp

Learning Groups

In the mornings between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. there are learning groups for both languages and science. Children can visit the following courses:







For children who like to read stories or write essays and would like to improve their spelling and grammar this is the perfect course. Under the expert guidance of a German teacher of our Lower School they will be able to discuss their ideas and put them on paper. In the process they will expand their vocabulary, improve their writing style and enjoy a creative but practical approach to the German language.



Basic English

This class is designed for children who are interested in the English language, who have had at least one Ages of instruction at school and who are not native speakers. Speaking and expanding vocabulary will be the main focus. Members of this group will conduct interviews, for example, with the English-speaking members of the summer camp and write articles for the camp's newspaper. In addition, classroom work will include topics of grammar and listening comprehension.

German as a Foreign Language (DaF)

For Beginners

This group will be made up of students without any knowledge of German who want to take up the German language for the first time. Along with the usual entry-level topics the course will focus especially on vocabulary which is part of boarding school life. Children will learn to introduce themselves, conduct simple daily conversations, and write brief texts in the new language.


For Advanced Learners
This is the right course for students who have already had some German at home or at school and want to expand their skills. We will be dealing with topics that children are especially interested in and can do some research on their own. In this dynamic and entertaining approach they can learn to speak and write better. They will write short contributions for the summer camp newspaper which each student will receive at the end of the camp. Parallel to this students will receive individually tailored grammar exercises and practice listening comprehension.




"Learning How to Learn" -- an approach to independent and self-directed learning -- will be given primary focus. Using new entertaining methods as well as study tips and concentration exercises, students will become fascinated and more secure in this subject. Alternatively, children can attend a course which focuses more specifically on "Learning More About..."  They will have the opportunity to
•    attend a writing workshop
•    try their hand at applied mathematics
•    take part in a mini-university
•    attend a class in English conversation.

After these two-hour academically oriented sessions, students will  have a refreshing snack break.

The next time period until lunch is dedicated to practical work in small groups -- or more specifically to theoretical sessions in preparation of their afternoon activities.


Practical Groups


After a nutritious and delicious lunch, students will devote their afternoons entirely to practical activities in small groups. The following activities can be chosen from:


Art and Crafts

If you are creative and enjoy the arts, you'll have a great time here. You can try out many different kinds materials including plaster, indian ink, oil paints and soap stone. We are looking forward to a lot of young artists who will find artistic inspiration at the monestry Salem and its beautiful surroundings.


The sailing course is mainly intended for beginners. The basic theory lessons take place in the morning at Hohenfels.

The practical sailing course takes place from our school's private harbour near Überlingen, on the shores of Lake Constance. In Optimist dinghies and about wooden cutter, students put the theory into practice.  Along with sailing practice they will also learn how to maintain and care for the boats.  And if the wind dies down, the group leaders will organise a variety of fun competitions, such as tying knots and paddling races using the school surfboards.

At the end of the course, the sailors who pass the test will be able to take home their Salem-‘Opti-Diplom.’

On stage

Music, theatre and musical performance! Here children enjoy their first exciting experience of speaking, singing and acting in front of an audience.
Young performers will have plenty of opportunities to follow their own ideas and creativity. Whoever already plays an instrument is of course welcome to bring it to camp. In the group we will also write our own short plays and try out different roles.
The climax to all this hard work will be presented on stage to parents and friends on the final evening. Let the show begin!

Discovering the Woods

Woods, water, wilderness!
In the beautiful and ever-changing natural surroundings near Hohenfels, many facets of the natural world will be explored and experienced in games and practical activities. Led by experienced course leaders, students are encouraged to go barefoot or blind, feeling and tasting and drawing a map of sounds, or to design a miniature natural park. In the theoretical part, using practical experimentation, children acquire basic knowledge to better understand what goes on in the world of nature.


The circus has a long tradition and students participate in the circus club throughout the school Ages.

The atmosphere of a circus has always fascinated children. Here they aren't mere spectators, but learn how to perform circus stunts from experienced circus teachers: riding a unicycle, juggling, handling a Diabolo or a Devil’s stick, doing acrobatics, walking on the tight-rope and on balancing on a big ball. All their practice will be well-rewarded because the circus group's performance is always one of the highlights at the Summer Camp’s final evening show. The ring is open!


Between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. during the week students take part in their practical groups. In this way they have the chance to dedicate themselves intensively to an activity of their choice for the entire duration of the summer camp.



The group leaders are trained experts in their field who are supported by enthusiastic assistants. The size of each group varies from 8 – 14 children.




After dinner the children enjoy some free time. A variety of leisure and sporting activities is offered to cater to every taste, including:




  • football matches on the sports field

  •  hockey (a Salem tradition)

  •   a reading circle

  • different kinds of handicrafts 

  •  writing letters and e-mails to parents and friends.




At 8.00 p.m. children return to their dormitories to change clothes, take a shower and brush their teeth. When ‘silentium’ begins at 8:30 p.m. the children remain in their rooms and may read or play quietly. After a long and eventful day it's time for lights out at 9.00 p.m., when the mentor comes to say "good night."


Summer Camp