Excursions from Kayaking to Alpine Hiking:
The Weekend Programme

The Salem International Summer School offers Weekend Excursions designed to suit every taste. Students leave campus on Friday afternoon. Groups are made up of no more than 16  students and are accompanied by at least two members of staff . All groups return on Sunday afternoon and then gather to exchange stories at a barbeque in Spetzgart.


Weekend Programme

Alpine Hiking

This physically demanding excursion involves five to six hours of hiking each day. The Austrian alps region is reached by school bus in about two hours. After the drive, together with experienced tour guides, students will head for the mountain tops.  On the second day, the hiking tour passes through beautiful alpine scenery offering fascinating panoramic views of the mountain range. After each day hiking an Alpine Association mountain hut offers the perfect opportunity to rest and relax and enjoy spending time together.

Cycling Tour

Enjoy the varied landscape of the Lake Constance region, and visiting various towns and attractions, on thisfun cycling trip. You will sleep in a hostel and cook together in the evenings.

Bodensee Experience

Enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Constance (Bodensee) and a cultural visit to the historical university town of Konstanz, staying overnight in a youth hostel.




Have fun spending time on Lake Constance with our experienced guide whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery from your kayak. You will sleep in a hostel and enjoy kayak tours to various destinations on the lake. Must be a confident, capable swimmer.



Rock Climbing

Students who attend the Rock Climbing Afternoon Activity in week 1 can now 'rise up' to a real Rock Climbing experience at the weekend. Accompanied by experienced and specially trained experts, students will have the opportunity to use their newly acquired skills in more challenging surroundings. They will sleepover in a hut, enjoying the evenings cooking, relaxing and playing games together.



Sailing on Lake Constance

Students who took part in the Sailing Afternoon Activity in week 1 have the opportunity to experience Lake Constance from a sailor's perspective teaming up for fun days out onboard our cutter or in the jolly boats. Based for the weekend at the school harbour, they will spend their nautical evenings cooking, swimming, and playing games in and near the water. After their nights sleeping in the ship's galley or on under the stars on the harbor decking, students will return to join their ‘mates’at the barbecue in Spetzgart.