'Final Evening Production' presents:
final show of the Salem International Summer School!

For parents, friends, and guests, the crowning conclusion of our Salem International Summer School has always been full of surprises: the Final Evening Production.


In previous years, the wide variety of performances have ranged from Shakespeare’s plays to more modern theatrical pieces to one act plays. All Summer Schools participants are members of the cast, whether it be on the stage or behind the scenes. They each choose their own personal task – acting, dancing, playing in the band, helping with props, make-up and costumes or with lighting, staging or other technical assistance. All this makes it a night that everyone will remember.

In addition to the final production, we celebrate the end of Summer School by presenting the students with their language course participation certificates and honour individual students with special awards. The evening closes with a disco for the students and an informal reception for parents, where they can meet members of the Summer School Team and chat over a glass of prosecco.


We look forward to welcoming you.

This is our summer.