Voluntary Additional Payments

Over decades Salem has relied upon the close interrelationship between parents and the school organisation. In order for Salem to provide its students with both encouragement and challenges, the on-going support of parents is irreplaceable. Hence we invite parents of our students to voluntarily contribute a supplemental payment into our scholarship fund so that families with lesser financial means can also send their children to Salem.  All such supplemental contributions will be used only for this purpose. Payments may range from a monthly amount of 250 Euros to the coverage of a full scholarship. Naturally the school will automatically provide a donation receipt for all supplemental payments. We will be most happy to provide you with further details at any time.

Excess Payments Additional Payment per month in Euro
A 250.- €
B 500.- €
C 750.- €
D 1.000.- €
E (50% Scholarship) 1.725.- €
F (100% Scholarship) 3.450.- €