Organizational Structure of Schule Schloss Salem

The sponsoring organization of Schule Schloss Salem is the non-profit association "Schule Schloss Salem e.V.". The association's current chairman of the board of trustees is Dr. Maximilian Dietzsch-Doertenbach
Schule Schloss Salem gGmbH is organized under Germany law as a non-profit limited liability company. Its business affairs and overall management are conducted by Mr. Bernd Westermeyer (Headmaster), Mrs. Brigitte Mergenthaler-Walter (Academic Administration) and Mr. Christian Niederhofer (Business Management). The Supervisory Board (Aufsichtsrat) of the gGmbH is identical to that of the board of trustees of "Schule Schloss Salem e.V.". A chart depicting the corporate governance of the school and boarding school operations can be found in the Organigram of Schule Schloss Salem.


Three external committees have supported the work at the school for decades, and have thus contributed considerably towards Salem's success.



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