Schule Schloss Salem –
Kurt Hahn's first big step

Founded in 1920, Salem is a school which from its beginnings has been willing to step away from  well-trodden pedagogical paths again and again. The school was conceived as an innovative "pedagogical study group, " paving the way for Kurt Hahn's initiatives, which over time have thoroughly re-shaped the pedagogical landscape: Gordonstoun School, Outward Bound, The Duke of Edinburgh Award and the United World Colleges, to name only a few of them.

Kurt Hahn also made contributions to a number of other projects for which his goal of merging active learning through experience with social commitment also stood in the foreground. His influence was particularly evident during the conception and introduction of the International Baccalaureate Programme.


There is a certain allure to the idea that Kurt Hahn would still recognize his school, were he able to make a visit to Lake Constance today.  Learning to assume responsibility is and remains the central pillar of Salem's educational system, along with the conviction that a school works best when all members of its community have the opportunity to help shape the school's everyday life.


Salem has become more international since 1920, not only in its student body, but also in the composition of its staff. Nonetheless it has remained true to its origins just after the end of the first world war, and we are convinced that the founding principles of Schule Schloss Salem will always remain valid. Our model of an international school-state is living proof both to its "citizens" as well as to "outsiders" that dynamic, cosmopolitan diversity can bring enrichment for everyone.

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