Round Square.
An Idea That Unites Across Borders.

Round Square is a worldwide association of nearly 200 schools on five continents sharing the same basic pedagogical goals.

Based on the ideas of the reforming educationalist and founder of Salem, Kurt Hahn, Round Square schools are committed to giving high value to personal development and responsibility, in addition to striving for academic excellence.

Salem students take on responsibility, serve the disadvantages through outreach services, accept challenges, experience adventures and diversity their boarding school life, and in this way are able to discover and develop their whole personality.
This goal is manifested in the six pillars of the Round Square, the IDEALS:


International Understanding

Round Square stands for being open to the world. This is encouraged by means of regular worldwide student exchanges, participation in international social projects, and student participation at the annual Round Square World Conference.


Round Square stands for student participation in democratic processes and the development of a democratic way of thinking. For this reason democratic awareness is fostered and strengthened as an important element in the school community.



Environmental Stewardship

Round Square stands for sustainability. Correspondingly schools commit themselves to causing as little harm to the environment as possible, and strengthening environmental awareness among their students through projects and school-wide campaigns.


Round Square stands for adventure. While growing up students learn to accept physical challenges, to go beyond their limits and to learn from these experiences. True to the motto of Kurt Hahn, students learn "Plus et en vous" - "There is more in you than you think..."!


Round Square stands for activating and developing leadership qualities. Students at Round Square schools learn that leadership cannot be equated with power, but is rather based on personal responsibility, courtesy, justice and discipline. Because pupils at Round Square Schools take on offices and public duties, they gain practical experience in being responsible leaders.

Service to Others

Round Square stands for serving other people. Round Square students help others – even beyond the school boundaries. In addition to social outreach services at school, every student can take part in aid projects anywhere in the world (e.g. in St. Petersburg or Kenia) or support the fundraising campaigns by which each school's Round Square service group raises funds for those in need.


Salem is one of the seven founding schools of Round Square. Every Salem student is a member of Round Square and can contribute to the realization of the IDEALS not only by supporting local fundraising campaigns, but also through international service projects, and participation in regional and international conferences.

Round Square organizes International Service (RSIS) Projects for students from its member schools. These bring together young people from all over the world to work as a truly international team providing much-needed assistance to disadvantaged communities.





Round Square

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