An Experienced Boarding School Consultancy at Your Side

The boarding school consultancy provides information and advice for your seach of a suitable place a well-regarded boarding school.


"Is a boarding school a reasonable choice for us? And, if so, which one?"


Sophie Weidlich and Dr. Hartmut Ferenschild will help you find the right answer to these and other questions in the course of a thorough, individual consultation.



As a result of their personal and professional experiences, Sophie Weidlich and Dr. Hartmut Ferenschild have been and are closely involved with boarding schools - in particular with Schule Schloss Salem - and have been gathering experience and expertise in consulting families in this matter for decades. Sophie Weidlich herself attended Salem and provided her children with a Salem education. Both she and Dr. Ferenschild have been employed at Salem for many years. At the same time they were also consultants for many years in association with the former Association of Rural German Boarding Schools.


Hartmut Ferenschild has been a PR and marketing advisor to numerous boarding schools. He is considered a leading expert on boarding schools in both public discourse and in pedagogical circles.


Schule Schloss Salem has a stake in fostering and strengthening awareness of boarding school throughout Germany, not only in relation to Salem. Hence Salem has charged its two staff members with promoting an interest in boarding schools in general, and providing impartial, neutral and personalized consultations to individual families. After all, there is no "best" boarding school, but only what will be "most suitable" for each child - for your child.

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Is a bording school a reasonable choice for us?