Intensive Preparation for Abitur Mathematics Examination:
abiturma Sommer Kolleg

The abiturma Sommer Kolleg is open to gymnasium students in their final two years. The academic environment of Salem Kolleg is ideal for intensive training for the final high-school mathematics examination and the subsequent academic studies.


Abitur Preparation Courses

In accordance with abiturma's standards of quality instruction, mathematics courses are taught in small groups assembled according to the students' level of competency. All tutors have completed the abitur examinations or university studies with the top mark of 1.0 and have previous teaching experience. The courses cover the core elements of mathematics examinations in all German states. Extensive supplemental worksheets facilitate learning and mastery of the topics covered in the abitur examinations.


Academic Previews

In the afternoons students have a free choice of seminars at university level which offer valuable insight into potential fields of study. The content is designed to enable students to grasp the real-life relevance of each course of study. As part of this intensive preview of university-level topics, students will also be introduced to scientific methodology.


Leisure Activities

A necessary balance to classroom work is provided by an wide range of recreational activities including sports and excursions in the beautiful, mediterranean-like region of Lake Constance. Ball sports, swimming and sailing are only a few of the opportunities available.



Students reside in Salem Kolleg in Überlingen, on the campus where instruction is held. The dormitory houses are each designed for 8 residents and the cafeteria provides full meal service. Living together in small residential units encourages a sense of togetherness and team spirit.


Abiturma Sommer Kolleg

Date: 07th - 18th August 2017

Fees: 1.850 € 


Information and Registration for abiturma:
Tel. +49 711 1219 5797