Our Mission: Building Character

For nearly a century the work of Schule Schloss Salem has been based on the goal and intention to shape and form the character of our students - a two-fold endeavor.


On the one hand we educate (in German: bilden) our students through high-level teaching. On the other hand our pedagogical principles help our young people to develop a strong personality and character. In the course of everyday life at school this goal is manifested in our requirement that all students take on responsibilities. First of all for himself or herself,  by developing personal skills and interests. But also equally for the good of the boarding school community and, beyond that, for the tasks of the future as citizens of the world in terms of politics, society, economy, environment and cultural affairs.


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A Holistic Education and Developmental Concept

At Salem classroom and boarding school are considered as a whole. Together they form an enriching, value-conscious and ambitious framework for the holistic development of each individual.


Gaining experience in challenging learning situations and an age-appropriate experiential pedagogy are the foundational concepts of Schule Schloss Salem's holistic approach. Consequently, it is not enough to develop cognitive and intellectual abilities. Instead, educators make every effort to confront their students again and again with social, creative and athletic challenges from which they can grow and develop.


Building Character


Building Character

Our claim to be engaged in "building character" summarizes the timeless educational concept of Schule Schloss Salem very concisely and, at the same time, bundles all the objectives deriving from the so-called IDEALS of the Round Square network. These guiding principles, which were codified by Round Square at Salem in 2002, are now pursued by over 200 of the world's leading schools:


  • International understanding
  • Democratic governance & justice
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Adventure
  • Leadership
  • Service to others.

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