G30 Schools Membership (since 2017)

The Philosophy of the G30 Schools

The G30 brings Heads from leading international schools together on an annual basis. Participations are not considered, outstanding schools are identified from within and invoted to join the network. All participants are encouraged to share their best practice, thoughts, ideas and challenges within a strictly confidential environment. Heads and their spouses appreciate the unique nature of the role of Head and benefit from the sharing amongst the G30 group. Uniquely, the G30 group includes spouses of Heads in the full conference program.

Administration costs are kept low and the G30 group does not have a formal constitution, executive structures or offices.

Outside of the annual G30 conferences, G30 Heads are encouraged to exchange ideas and arrange visits for them and their staff to other G30 schools.

The conference program is organised by the current Head of the G30 school. Guest speakers are invited, not just in the field of education but in a broad range of pursuits. G30 Heads and spouses gain just as much from the cultural immersion in the country and the informal conversations as they do from the formal conference program.

In 2013 a conference for G30 Deputy Heads was hosted by Wellington College, UK and in 2016 at Buckingham Browne & Nichols, USA and Appleby College, Canada.


For more information visit the G30 Schools webiste, please: www.g30schools.org


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