School and Parents in Partnership

Schule Schloss Salem and the parents of its students are united in an educational partnership with the common goal of enabling children and young adults to grow up to be socially adept, self-confident and healthy individuals. Neither school nor boarding school can replace the family, but only supplement the upbringing which takes place in the home. Our students come to Salem of their own volition and with the support and encouragement of their parents.


Information for Parents
On Parents' Day several times a year parents, teachers and educators have the possibility to speak with each other at length.


At regular intervals parents receive information about the performance of their children at boarding school - usually in the form of a tabular report, the so-called Blitzlicht, giving the current grade marks and short commentaries by subject teachers as well as remarks from the dormitory mentor or upper school house tutor. In the final report at the end of the school year each dormitory mentor or house tutor provides  parents with information about the social and personal development of his or her child.


Parents' Council

Schule Schloss Salem has a highly dedicated Parents' Council which works closely with the administration and various committees in the school. It focuses primarily on encouraging communication between school and parents through a variety of means.


The Parents' Council will gladly consult with interested parents before they make the decision to enroll their child at Salem.


The tasks of the  parents' council and its charter are available for download here.


Chairwoman of the Parents´ Council

Caroline Stockhausen

Deputy Chairwoman of the Parents´ Council

Mariella Röhm - Kottmann