Schule Schloss Salem

A boarding school education for our times

Schule Schloss Salem was established in 1920 with very clear objectives: to foster senses of duty, responsibility and political literacy in its members - students, teachers and support staff alike.

100 years later these ideals are as relevant as ever, if not more so. Always with an outward-looking, inclusive perspective Salem has become a thriving school comprising members from more than 40 nations, striving together to realise Kurt Hahn's timeless vision of a community where every member has a part to play in the process of learning in its widest sense. These characteristics make Salem a welcoming home for those looking for an alternative to British boarding schools, now having to grapple with the inconsistencies and contradictions associated with the realities of BREXIT.

Kurt Hahn went on to found and influence other schools around the world, now reflected by the fact that more than 200 are members of the Round Square organisation. Salem, as a founder member and Kurt Hahn's first school, embodies the Hahnian ideal that so many look to follow.

Students, teachers and parents who are enthused by the idea of working together towards a common cause with Service and Responsibility in sharp focus, are encouraged to contact us and explore the possibilities of joining Salem as it sets out into its 2nd century.


Bernd J. Westermeyer
(Headmaster of Schule Schloss Salem)

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