Column: A Piece of My Mind
von Angela Gall, IB2
Our student Angela Gall has written a column for our weekly campus newspaper "Wort zum Dienstag". Enjoy reading it!

To You

To you who is behind the scenes,
investing your time and effort into projects.
Your work is not going unnoticed.

To you who is giving up your free time, 
for the organization of yet another event.
Your sacrifices are not for nothing. 

To you who is making a change to our community,
engaging in countless discussions, thinking for others around you,
Your contributions are much appreciated.

Sometimes, it may seem like your accomplishments do not get recognized. 
Other times, it may feel like instead of compliments, 
you only receive criticisms for your investments.

But, don’t let these be your reason to give up. 
Take this as a recognition of your work 
and keep accomplishing your goals.

To you who walked past people’s brilliant work,
next time, spare a minute to appreciate their efforts.

To you who is complaining about an event,
think twice before you speak up.
Think if you would have been able to pull off all that.

To you who has been giving criticisms, 
have you shared an equal amount of compliments with others?
Because compliments are just as important as criticisms,
when it comes to constructive feedback.

It is not about blindly praising others.
It is about being supportive, 
It is about showing recognition
and not just spreading negativity.

So take some time and look around for the individuals,
who are giving to your community.
And take some more time giving some feedback, if you wish.
But do not just feed back with negative vibes.

To you in our community:
Keep up with your amazing work for 2021
and thrive to inspire people around you.

Angela Gall, IB2